Tuesday, October 1, 2013

College Kids? College Kids!

Today I am presenting to a class of pre-service teachers at Western Michigan University.  I am really looking forward to sharing some (hopefully) good and useful links to use when teaching Social Studies to elementary school students.
Click on the bronco to access the power point presentation.  Once in the presentation, click on the illustration to access the website.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Using Blogs to De-Clutter

Most of what I post is about how to use technology with Early Elementary students, but today I am going to write about a terrific blog that can help other teachers.  
You know that friend/colleague that we all have that has a super organized room and is always on top of everything?  
The Clutterfree Classroom is just like that friend.  She has started a project to help us become more organized, with a task and an assignment each week.  This week I needed to take [and post--eek] pictures of my classroom to show its "before" state.  Did you ever notice how things look worse in pictures than they do in real life?  anyway, here they are.  My room:

Even if I don't tidy up all the spaces that need it, I will (hopefully) become more proficient at posting pictures!  anyone want to come along for the ride?