Friday, August 5, 2011

Daily Routines

Jill from the Kinder Korner Yahoo group asked if anyone had an interactive home page for a SMART board.  It sounded like a challenge, so I created one that I will most likely use with my class this year.  I have added it here--I hope someone else can use it too  :)
SMART board daily routines


  1. WOW can't wait to open this! I just got a smart board so very anxious about how to integrate curriculum. Thanks for sharing. Chris

  2. I love what you have done with your project that was inspired by me!!! Is there anyway you can give me some directions so I can try to do the same? Jill

  3. I love it! It has inspired me also! I have a question though - why is it split screen? Just curious what your reasoning is. Thanks!

  4. Kristin-
    It is not intended to be split screen--each page is supposed to open on its own. If that is not working for you, e-mailme and i will send it to you--maybe dowloading it is doing something weird to the formatting :/